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Do you know the four little "Hua Dan" in SMD components?

Time:2023/8/25 Posted:Shenzhen Kaile Electronics Co., Ltd

We all know that on the basis of printed circuit boards, SMT chips, abbreviated as SMT chips, are undergoing artificial processing. In the electronic assembly industry, SMT has flourished. SMD components are important elements that we usually process on PCBs, including the following four categories: SMD resistors, SMD capacitors, SMD inductors, and semiconductor devices. Next, let's delve deeper into it.

1. SMD Resistor, also known as Chip Fixed Resistor, belongs to metal glass glazed resistors. In terms of technology, it is simply seen as mixing metal powder and glass glaze powder in a certain proportion, using screen printing method to print on the substrate, and the SMD resistor is made in this way. Unlike ordinary resistors, it has the characteristics of moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, and low temperature coefficient. It also has the advantage of saving circuit space and can make the design more refined.

2. Chip capacitors are a type of capacitor material. The full name of chip capacitors is: multilayer (stacked, stacked) chip ceramic capacitors, also known as chip capacitors, chip capacitance. There are two ways to represent chip capacitors, one is in inches and the other is in millimeters.

3. Chip mounted inductors are also known as power inductors, high current inductors, and surface mounted high-power inductors. It has characteristics such as miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage, and low resistance.

4. Semiconductor devices can also be referred to as crystal diodes. Do you remember the crystal diode we introduced earlier? Its main component is a semiconductor, which is an electronic device with unidirectional conduction current. There is a PN junction with two lead terminals inside the semiconductor diode, and this electronic device has unidirectional current conductivity in the direction of applied voltage.

The above are the four "flower figures" in SMD components. Although they are not much different from electronic components, the processing technology is indispensable, and they are a very delicate small component. However, no effort, no gain. It is precisely because of the exquisite workmanship that these four types of SMD components have the characteristics of small size, light weight, no or short leads, high installation density, high reliability, good seismic performance, and easy automation.

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